Common Questions

How much will you charge to represent me?

This is the second most frequent question that people ask me.

Our fees are results based. That means we only charge you if you we recover money for you. We do not ask you for money up front in most cases. These fees are called contingent fees because the fees charged are contingent upon this firm recovering compensation for you. We charge a percentage which has a range. This means the fees vary a bit depending on the level of complexity, the amount of work involved overall, whether there were motions and/or a trial. Often the insurance company will pay some money towards your legal costs because it is aware that you have had to retain legal counsel but it does not cover the whole cost.

How long will it take to resolve my lawsuit?

Typically, a lawsuit can take anywhere from 2-4 years to process to conclusion either by way of a settlement or by way of a trial. I have seen matters move much more quickly and I have seen matters move more slowly.

It takes a long time, in part, because it takes the human body time to recover from trauma and to reach one’s maximal medical recovery. Also, the court system is also relatively slow. Furthermore, it takes time to build your case properly for trial.

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