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Image: Happy New Year, January 1st

Staying Safe on New Year’s Eve by Patricia Santucci

Is New Year’s Eve the Most Dangerous Night of the Year? New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration which often includes high spirited social gatherings. And why not – it’s the last night of the year! What many don’t realize is that safety-wise, New Year’s Eve may be the most dangerous night of the […]

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Photo: Car driving on a winter road

New Year’s Resolutions to Make if You Plan to Drive This Winter by Patricia Santucci

Here comes the New Year… and with it a lot of you will be setting resolutions to “better yourself”. This year please consider a few winter driving safety resolutions so that you and I don’t meet “by accident” over the holidays. Here are 7 Lucky New Year’s Resolutions to Make if You Plan to Drive […]

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Photo: Deer in front of car

Avoiding Deer Collisions on Hamilton Area Roads by Patricia Santucci

Oh Deer! 10 Tips for Avoiding a Collision With Deer on Hamilton Area Roads Vehicle collisions with wild animals can cause serious personal injuries and even death, not only to the animal but also to us humans. According to the Ministry of Transportation, on average, there is a motor vehicle/wild animal collision every 38 minutes […]

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Slip and Fall Accidents Often Lead to Serious Injuries

Safety Tips to Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents by Patricia Santucci

‘Tis the Season for Slip and Fall Accidents After the terrible winter we had last year with the “polar vortex” keeping us under frozen conditions for so long, it is no wonder that Hamiltonians are already talking about what kind of winter we are going to have this year. Although the winter conditions are very […]

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Photo: Pedestrians walking during winter storm

Pedestrian Safety During Winter by Patricia Santucci

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Strategies for Staying Safe as a Pedestrian It is particularly dangerous to be a pedestrian in Ontario during the winter months. The most dangerous months for pedestrians in Ontario are November, December and January. In fact, January is the peak month for pedestrian collisions leading to fatalities for Ontarians, according […]

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Roger D. Yachetti April 14, 1940 – September 16, 2018 “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” – Shannon Alder Inspiring people lead by example. Their passion, intelligence, and leadership reflected not just through their own achievements, but also […]

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