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What are the steps involved in a lawsuit? by Patricia Santucci

Once you hire a lawyer he or she will put the at-fault parties on notice of your claim. Your lawyer will prepare and file your Statement of Claim with the Court within two years from the date of the accident. The lawyer for the at-fault party will file a Statement of Defence on their behalf. You and the at-fault driver will both attend an Examination for Discovery where you will both give evidence under oath about how the accident happened and you will be asked about your injuries and any other relevant evidence. After the Discoveries, there will be production of relevant documents. There may be Motions brought (which are when requests are made for the court to take some sort of action). There may be settlement meetings or a private mediation, where attempts will be made to settle your case. If there are still facts in dispute, there will be a trial (this is a rare occurrence. If you lose the trial, or if you win the trial but do not believe that the damages awarded conform to the evidence, you can appeal to a higher court. Santucci Personal Injury Law is well-versed in the process and is here to help you navigate through it. Schedule your free consultation today, and get your life back. (88)

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Patricia Santucci is a personal injury lawyer born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She holds several degrees having attended King’s College at the University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, earned a Master of Arts degree at the University of Windsor and an Ontario Teaching Degree from Teacher’s College as well as her Ontario Teaching Certificate. After graduating from the University of Alberta law school she was called to the bar in 2000. You can find Patricia on and LinkedIn or directly through this website

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