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Can the insurer make me go to a doctor? by Patricia Santucci

Yes, most insurance policies will require you to attend an assessment by a doctor that the insurance company chooses, in order for you to be eligible to receive or continue to receive LTD benefits. Also, if you have brought a lawsuit against the insurance company, they have the right to send you for an independent […]

Can my employer fire me while I am on LTD? by Patricia Santucci

Yes, your employer can terminate your employment while you are receiving LTD benefits, but only after certain legal tests have been met. Your employer cannot terminate your employment for being sick or injured. Human Rights Legislation in Canada dictates that your employer is required to accommodate your medical condition unless it is impossible for them […]

Should I apply for WSIB? How will it affect my LTD claim? by Patricia Santucci

You must apply for WSIB benefits if you suffered an injury or illness while at work. If you are approved for WSIB benefits, your LTD carrier will be entitled to reduce its LTD payments to you, depending on the type of benefits you receive. If you were denied WSIB benefits, you must provide your LTD […]

Are there any non-medical reasons why the insurance company might not pay my LTD benefits? by Patricia Santucci

Your policy will set out certain circumstances when your LTD benefits will not be paid. You should consult your employee benefits booklet for the specific details, but your policy may set out situations where you will not be paid benefits: – if you are absent from Canada due to any reason unless you have received […]

How long will my LTD benefits last? by Patricia Santucci

Your LTD payments should continue until you start working again, reach the maximum duration under your policy (usually age 65), or die. Coverage differs from policy to policy. As long as you continue to qualify, you will be covered until you have reached the maximum duration as set out in your policy. You are usually […]

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