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What is the monthly maximum on my LTD coverage? by Patricia Santucci

Most LTD plans include a “cap” on benefits. This means that your policy may cover you for 66.6% of your regular income, but only up to $2,500 a month. That means that if you are earning more than $50,000 a year, you may not have enough coverage, depending on your personal circumstances. If you made […]

How much will my LTD payments be? by Patricia Santucci

If your LTD policy is through your employer, you will typically receive 66.6% of your pre-disability salary. However, this amount can vary from policy to policy (from between 50% to 80%). Keep in mind that there will likely be monthly maximums that put a limit on the amount that you can receive. It is important […]

How long do I have to wait to collect LTD benefits? by Patricia Santucci

There is always a waiting period between when you stop working and when you begin to receive LTD benefits. The time period varies depending on the policy. It is usually necessary for you to be off work for several months before you will be entitled to receive LTD benefits. The waiting period is typically 90 […]

Do my LTD benefits include coverage for medical and dental? by Patricia Santucci

No, your LTD benefits usually only provide you with income (wage replacement) while you are disabled from working although you need to check the policy to be sure. However, if your group benefits plan is through your employer and you are unable to return to work because of a long term disability, you may be […]

Is Critical Illness Insurance the same as LTD? by Patricia Santucci

No, Critical Illness insurance is not the same as LTD. Both types of insurance provide you with financial support should you become disabled, however, Critical Illness insurance kicks in only if you are diagnosed with a “critical” illness. Policies vary as to what is included as a critical illness. Unlike LTD, with a critical illness […]

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