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What other forms are required after the Application has been filled out? by Patricia Santucci

Your insurance company will require that various other forms to be completed and returned to them in order for you to qualify and continue to receive accident benefits. Some of the forms will need to be filled out by your doctors, some by other treating professionals, and some by your employer. The insurance company may […]

How are accident benefits different from lawsuit damages? by Patricia Santucci

Unlike damages from a lawsuit, accident benefits are provided regardless of who was at fault for the accident. You do not need to sue anyone to obtain accident benefits. A lawsuit involves suing the driver responsible for your accident to help you recover any damages that aren’t covered by accident benefits. Therefore you may have […]

What are Accident Benefits? by Patricia Santucci

In Ontario you are entitled to accident benefits through your own insurance company. These are also called no-fault benefits. These benefits flow to victims of car accidents, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. These benefits are provided for such things as medical and rehabilitation expenses and income replacement, among other things. Accident […]

Will I get a “lump sum” payment for my LTD? by Patricia Santucci

When you qualify, your LTD policy requires your insurance company to pay you a regular amount, usually monthly, while you qualify. There is no obligation on your insurance company to pay out your benefits in the form of a lump sum payment. However, your insurance company may agree to do this when settling your case. […]

Why should I bring a lawsuit? by Patricia Santucci

If you are denied LTD benefits, or wrongly cut off by your insurance company, bringing a lawsuit can result in an award of some or all of the outstanding LTD benefits being paid to you, plus interest and costs. A Judge can also order (or the parties can agree to) the insurance company continuing to […]

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