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What is a Case Manager and when do I get one? by Patricia Santucci

A case manager is a professional who coordinates your treatment. If your injury is deemed catastrophic, or if you have purchased optional benefits from your insurance company, you may be entitled to the services of a case manager. Santucci Personal Injury Law can help determine to which benefits you are entitled.

Will my insurance company pay for my housekeeping expenses? by Patricia Santucci

Maybe. There is a housekeeping and home maintenance benefit, however in order to qualify for it, you must have sustained a catastrophic impairment that resulted in a substantial inability to perform the housekeeping and home maintenance that you normally performed prior to the motor vehicle collision. Or, when you bought your car insurance, you may […]

Which insurance company pays my accident benefits? by Patricia Santucci

If you own an automobile, even if it was not involved in the accident, you will apply to your own insurer for accident benefits. If you do not have your own insurance policy, you will apply to your spouse’s insurance company or to the insurance company of the person you are dependent on. If neither […]

Does anything disqualify me from receiving Accident Benefits? by Patricia Santucci

The legislation sets out specific circumstances that disqualify you from receiving certain accident benefits. These situations include: – driving without a valid driver’s license – driving a vehicle when you knew or should have known that you were driving without the owner’s consent – being a passenger who knew or should have known that the […]

How are accident benefits different from lawsuit damages? by Patricia Santucci

Unlike damages from a lawsuit, accident benefits are provided regardless of who was at fault for the accident. You do not need to sue anyone to obtain accident benefits. A lawsuit involves suing the driver responsible for your accident to help you recover any damages that aren’t covered by accident benefits. Therefore you may have […]

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