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If you’ve found this website, you or someone close to you has likely been in an accident or suffered some kind of personal injury, and are looking for information in order to understand what to do next.

At Santucci Law we’re focused on one result. Yours.

We handle the following types of cases:

To make the process of selecting a personal injury lawyer easier we’ve put together a getting started page, an extensive personal injury FAQ, and a comprehensive articles for non-lawyers section.

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Patricia Santucci

Personal Injury Lawyer

Photo: Patricia Santucci, Personal Injury Lawyer When I began practicing law my training was largely in the area of insurance defence work. I understand how insurance companies make decisions and the tactics and strategies they employ to reduce or extinguish claims. Working on the inside of this system has greatly benefited those clients I have served over the past 12 years. I only help injured people now. Read more…